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Read John 1:19-26

In the days before the ministry of Christ began, there was John the Baptist going forth and preaching the word of God and offering baptism to those of the Jordan Valley. Hearing of John’s ministry, the Jewish leaders sent folks out to see John and determine who he was and what he was doing. Thinking that he may have been the reincarnated Elijah foretold by Malachi or even the Messiah, these priests pressed him for an answer. In response, John the Baptist offers a surprising answer that combines the humility of his person and pride in his mission. 

John confesses to the priests that he is neither Christ nor Elijah but rather states his mission fully through quoting the prophet Isaiah, saying that he is the voice that called out in the wilderness and made straight the way for the Lord. John is not shameful of his call nor is he fearful of any reproach which he may incur from those who are in power. He is proud of this mission and understands its value. 

It is this same understanding of value that leads John to make this statement with the greatest measure of humility. As the priests asked, “who are you?” John does not give them his name but rather takes the identity of a faceless voice in an empty wilderness so as not to draw any attention away from He whom he is serving — Christ the true Messiah. 


How can you live into the mission which Christ has set before you with the same pride and humility the Lord gave to John?


Lord, continue to reveal to me the value of knowing You through Jesus. Remind me of the great work which You have done and remind me of the work to be done still. Give to me the same drive, humility and righteous pride You gave to John the Baptist and place my heart in the same posture of grace.


Reid M. Courtney

Reid is a part of the Jackson City Group and Tech Team at Scarlet City.

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