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Read Psalm 1

Where do you find your delight? This is a question I often ask myself. When straying from discipline, I tend to find my delight in the idea of a comfortable and secure life. I spend my days meditating on my future goals or career success. But the righteous person, the one the Psalmist calls blessed, delights in the law of the Lord. I encourage you to read John 1 to understand how the word became flesh through Jesus. We have the gift of intimately knowing Jesus and delighting in our relationship with Him. Psalm 1 has a progression of unrighteousness to righteousness. For righteousness, there is a need for meditating on the Bible, then habitually doing so day and night, and then delighting in the word. There is a sequence of thinking, delighting, and then being captivated by the law of the Lord. This leads to established roots, that then produce fruit (verse 3).

Please receive this benediction from Brian Tabb (2012), “May you lay hold of the blessing of Psalm 1 as you delight in the beauty and value of God’s revealed Word and seek to sustain and strengthen that delight through intentional meditation.”


Life is filled with endless decisions that impact all parts of our life. But ultimately, these decisions lead to one of two ways to live on this earth: the way of the world or the way of the Word. Where do you find delight? What truly captivates your heart?


Dearest Father, thank You for Your Word. Allow us to meditate on Your Word day and night. Break our hearts with what breaks Yours as we walk the path of righteousness. Prepare our hearts for the celebration of Jesus taking on flesh. Amen.


Robin Greener

​​Robin is a part of the Edwards’ City Group and volunteers in Scarlet City Kids.

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