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Read Isaiah 11:1-10

Recently, I was walking down the street our family used to live on and noticed the multiple trees that had been cut down over the past year. It’s strange to see the glory of big, beautiful trees gone and left as a barren stump. This passage starts off with a dead tree stump and a shoot of life growing out of it. The prophet Isaiah is speaking to people in a time that seemed barren and hopeless and telling of a hope to come, Jesus. These people had obviously not seen Christ yet, but this prophecy describes what He would be like — a branch that would bear fruit, spirit-filled, full of wisdom, a just judge, righteous and faithful. 

Then the passage gives us striking imagery of things that are so opposed to each other living in perfect peace under God’s rule. Can you imagine a baby playing over the hole of a snake without worry and predators living in peace with prey? This seems so far off from where we are in our present world, but this full peace that Christ offers is coming. We all look around and see that we are not living in Eden — brokenness, sin and sickness are all around. This passage reminds us that our God has not written the whole story yet. He desires and will bring us to that place of perfect peace under His rule. I need reminders of this future hope for my present. 


Are there places in your life that feel hopeless, not at peace or undone? What would it look like to be faithful in your present moment, but also walk in future hope? Spend some time reading over this passage again and asking God to renew your hope in places that it feels gone. 


Lord, we wait and watch for You. Help restore and renew us as we wait for You. We thank You that You are faithful to all Your promises, and we long for the day You bring ultimate peace.  


Megan O’Brien

Megan helped plant Scarlet City Church with her husband, Jay. They lead a city group in Clintonville, and she loves to serve in Scarlet City Kids. 

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