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Read Isaiah 40: 1-5, 11

What picture comes to mind when you think of “comfort”? The word comfort means “with strength.” That’s the comfort of our gracious Father. God gives us strength when we feel crushed, either by our own sins or simply by living in this fallen world. 

This prophetic passage proclaiming God’s comfort is like a telescope, expressing its fulfillment in layers. Isaiah foretells Israel’s return from the Babylonian exile (536 BC) when “her hard service has been completed.” The God of comfort remembers His people. 

Isaiah also projected the day in which God would pay that sin debt in full. John the Baptist identified Jesus as “He who was spoken of through the prophet Isaiah” (Matt. 3:3) as he quoted these verses. Jesus Christ died on the cross and paid our sin debt — once, for all time. The God of comfort provides salvation. 

Finally, this passage points to Jesus’ climactic second coming, when “all of humanity will see His glory.” The stunning fullness of God’s character will be on display for the entire world. The God of comfort will bring us home. 

This is our God of Comfort. What comfort we receive from these verses! Read again His heart for you in the last verse (verse 11).

So, what is our part? We are called to “prepare the way for the Lord.” Prepare our hearts. Remove all obstacles. Repent of our sin and waywardness. Isaiah’s message, carried on by John the Baptist, still rings true today! 


What might change in your life if you found your strength and comfort in God? 

Spend some time in prayer asking the Lord to help you “prepare the way” for Him in your heart, so you can more fully trust in Him. 


Father, You are our God of comfort. We revel in Your perfect care. You tenderly gather us in Your arms, walk with us through our struggles and carry us close to Your heart. Teach us, O Lord, to rest in Your care and find our strength and comfort in You alone. 


Christine Mallory 

Christine is a member of Scarlet City and enjoys being in the Meeks’ City Group. She volunteers as a Liturgist and is part of the Hospitality Team.

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