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Read Romans 13:11-14

If there is one word that typifies the modern holiday experience better than “busy” I have yet to discover it. We are busy with parties of every type, decorating, shopping for gifts, wrapping the gifts — the list of things to do and attend to seems endless. In the season of the year that we are supposed to celebrate the arrival of the Prince of Peace, we are our most stressed and least peaceful. If you’re like me, you will settle for a silent five minutes — let alone an entire night.

This passage has two key implications for our busyness. First, being busy is not a sin but being so busy that you lose sight of God in your daily life is. The Gospel is not just good news for your eternity; it’s good news for right now. You have nothing to earn and nothing to prove. Rest in the peace of knowing the birth of Emmanuel means you can experience real contentment in a world that feels out of control. Don’t be busy trying to look impressive or earn the favor of people. Jesus’ birth has freed you from those demands. Second, be busy with the right things. Be busy praying, spending time in quiet meditation and consciously not chasing after the material things we’re told we should be chasing this time of year.  


As we enter the season of celebrating the birth of Christ, let us do so remembering He came to bring peace and the ability to focus on the work of the Gospel in us and through us.


Thank You Lord, for reminding us what it means to truly rest in You. This holiday season, give us the strength and ability to set aside time and space our hearts for You to do Your good work in us. Amen.


JR Ramsey

JR has attended SCC along with his wife, Ashley, for seven and half years. He is a member of the Likely City Group and currently serves on the Sound/AV team.

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