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Read 1 Timothy 1:15-17

The first line of this passage grabs our attention by declaring that what will be said is the honest truth and is worthy of embracing. It is one thing to hear the truth and even recognize something as true, but it is another thing to fully accept the truth, believe it and receive it.  

What is the truth we believe? That Christ came into this world to save us, sinners. We were lost in our sin and dead in our transgressions. But out of God’s mercy, he sent his only Son to pay our debt in full and completely accept the condemnation we deserve. 

Through this sacrificial act of love, even for the worst of us, Christ Jesus displays his “utmost patience” so that we may be a masterpiece curated for the watching world, a visual message of all the work Christ can accomplish when one believes in him and receives him.  


What truth do you need to remember, and what would it look like for you to fully accept it as true?

When we remember the mercy that was shown to us and the perfect patience Christ has for us, how does this change the way you love the people in your life?


Thank You for sending your Son, and for saving us. Thank You for showing us patience, even when we are not patient with ourselves. Help us to honor You as our King in the way we show love to others. To You be honor and glory forever. Amen.


Jamie Rapp

Jamie is a city group leader at Scarlet City. 

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