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Read Psalm 89:1-4

The psalmist writes during a time when troubles were coming thick and heavy upon David’s rule, as he describes later in the psalm. There were feelings of exhaustion and confusion, wondering if God was distant and had forsaken his promises. Yet before he raises those concerns, at the start of this song for the Lord’s people, our gaze is directed toward remembering God’s covenant — which is making space for intentional consideration of His character.

Steadfast love is remembered, and his faithfulness is marveled at in the same way a great mountain strikes you with awe. The writer reflects on God’s “loyal love” that will not ever fail, be removed or leave us in the dust. Even with the many concerns, questions and requests that must be presented to God, what a benefit it is to first position our hearts in admiration and reverence of our Lord.

The reflection on God’s devotion then culminates in dwelling on his covenant; in this psalm, it is an oath to David’s throne and future generations. And it would ultimately be through David’s own lineage that the true King would come. Jesus fulfills the promise of the Father by re-establishing a covenant to his people. The arrival of Jesus is the physical display of God’s faithfulness and his death and resurrection have proven there is no end to the loyalty of his love.


This scripture reassures us that we can expect the faithfulness of God to continue, that we can hold fast to His oath. Yet as much as we can know this truth, we will not feel the desire to “sing continually” or proclaim it to “future generations” if we do not provide space for our hearts to be moved with admiration. Reflect on the ways you have seen God prove faithful to you, where you have seen His enduring love in action. Where in your prayer and worship life can you dwell on God’s faithfulness more often?


Father, Your covenant love to us stands resolute no matter how inconsistent, distracted or preoccupied we may be. Throughout our day, allow us to set our minds often on who You are. What a joy to rest within your faithfulness. Amen.


Blake Roth

Blake is a Columbus native and has attended Scarlet City Church for two years. Along with his wife Anna, he helps lead a City Group and is a part of the Hospitality team.

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