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Read Psalm 103

This psalm begins with a personal praise and ends with a call for cosmic praise from all creation.  As we approach the awaited day, we recall God’s steadfast character and compassion.  We look back to dwell on God’s kind deeds toward us and all his people in the past — He has forgiven, redeemed, crowned, satisfied and strengthened.  

These truths devastate, heal and strengthen.  They remind us why the gospel is good, striking and beautiful news for those who surrender to Christ, for those who trust in His promises and who participate in real relationship with Him. This psalm reminds us of the character of the God for whom we wait. As we wait for him to do a new thing, we remember who he has always been.  As the anticipation builds, we rest in these truths already secure. Let us join all his creation in praising him while we wait. 

Praise the Lord, my soul,

Praise his holy name.

The one who is, and who was, and who is to come.


Which verse stands out to you as you read?  Read it slowly several times over.  Why does this verse strike you? How does it heal or strengthen you? What characteristic of God is most powerful to you in this season? Share this with a friend as a way to proclaim His goodness. 


Lord, You crown me with Your love and compassion. Your love for me is as high as the heavens are above the earth. You love me from everlasting to everlasting. Lord, my soul worships You in response to knowing your love for me. My only reply is to join all creation in your praise. Amen.


Anna Roth

Anna joined Scarlet City in 2018. She serves as a City Group leader and as the Hospitality Ministry Director.

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