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Read Isaiah 61: 1-4, 8-10

Reading a passage like this one can be hard for me. During the past 18+ months, I’ve been waiting for the whole world to be freed from sickness, from divisiveness, from pain and ultimately from death. I’d like God to intervene as soon as possible. If I’m honest, I’ve realized that I have a lot of questions while I wait for that intervention. But when I take a deep breath and return to this passage, I realize that perhaps my questions aren’t new…but they’re okay because they’re honest. 

Think of what’s to come, even if it’s not right now: encouragement! help! freedom! comfort! praise! (and that’s just from verses 13). Even the heading of this chapter is a balm: The Lord will rejuvenate his people. We can anticipate what he’ll do while we wait. He knows there’s mourning right now, and he’s not going to tell us not to mourn. It’s okay because it’s honest. But there’s hope for after the mourning. 

Joy and praise are coming. 

Comfort is coming. 

Deliverance is coming.

And we’ll praise Him for it.


What in your life needs rejuvenation from the Lord? How can you turn your heart to hope while you wait for it? 


God, we don’t have all the answers. All we know is that we need You. Help us to turn to You as we wait for your rescue, justice and rest. Amen.


Anna Jamieson

Anna serves on the Worship Team and is a member of the O’Brien City Group. She’s been attending Scarlet City since 2014. 

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