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Read Isaiah 55

Isaiah the prophet yells, “Hey!” He has an important announcement. The announcement is for all.  But we still may feel our lives are so bankrupt that this must be for other people. The prophet responds, “You who have no money, come!” This truly is an invitation for all of us. No requirements. No need to earn anything. We don’t need to deserve the offer. Hey, all of you. Come!

“Buy wine and milk.” Wine and milk were symbols of a life of abundance. Not just water. The offer is a drink that brings flourishing. Eugene Peterson in The Message translation of the next section says, “Why do you spend your money on junk food, your hard-earned cash on cotton candy?…fill yourself with only the finest.”  

This advent season Isaiah wants us to stop and hear. God is offering us abundant lives.  We don’t deserve the offer but that doesn’t matter. Receive it. Too often we live our lives chasing after things that will never bring satisfaction (junk food and cotton candy). Flowing from His love, God is yelling, “Hey, I have something better than all those things you think will bring satisfaction! Come to me.” 


Reflect on the things you are pouring out your life for that will never bring satisfaction. 

Find a quiet place and be silent before God.  Then say, “God, I come to receive Your offer of wine and milk.” Then receive His offer.  


God, Your offer is almost too good to imagine. I receive this offer with overwhelming thanksgiving.  God, I come to You.  


Kevin Vereide

Kevin is an elder at Scarlet City Church, an SCC Kids volunteer and a member of Nathan and Libby Edwards’ City Group. 

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