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Read Colossians 3:15-17

I love a good plan. It makes me feel some level of control and helps me forget the reality that a good plan can only carry you so far. When I was pregnant with our oldest son, I had a good lesson of how much I was not in control. Birth plans and hospital tours go out the window when your water breaks at 32 weeks in the middle of the night. I had no control. There was no amount of planning or muscling through that could be done to stop him from coming prematurely. But being in control makes us feel comfortable, doesn’t it?

Perhaps my apparent love of the word “control” is why this passage cuts deep for me. When I think about what controls my heart in this pandemic season, I can say that the peace of Christ isn’t what is controlling my heart. My desire for control has been controlling my heart. Control over decisions, plans, purpose and time is what seems to have taken over, if I’m being honest.

What if we desire for Christ’s peace to control our hearts? What if we prayed for God to show us our own hearts? If His peace was the first thing that we saw there, we could rest in Him daily instead of being distracted by our human desire for control.

Paul tells us to dwell in the richness of Christ’s word and peace. “Dwelling” seems like a pause where we can allow His peace to implant with intention. With a heart controlled by Him, it’s true that we can’t help but land in a place of gratitude. The practice of gratitude allows us to extend this dwelling in His richness.


What has been controlling your heart? What are you grateful for today?


God, show us our own hearts and help us to replace any selfish desire with Your will. Implant Your peace there and help our practice of gratitude to grow daily.


Pepper Meek

Pepper and her husband lead a city group at Scarlet City. 

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