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Read John 16:33

When I keep a journal, one of my favorite things to write is a favorite bible verse or passage that is meaningful to me. Recently, I leafed back through previous entries and saw the same verse, John 16:33, was rewritten every 10 pages or so.

It’s not difficult to imagine why I inadvertently rewrote that verse and treasured it. While this life is filled with many joys, it’s also filled with sorrows and difficulties — some minuscule and some devastating. In John 16, Jesus warns His disciples about the challenges that await them after His death. Jesus says they will face “trouble and suffering,” which for many of them will include persecution, beatings, trials and even death. 

As this year ends, I hope you can reflect and remember many highlights with gratitude. I hope you’ll be able to see that you grew in some way, had some moments of joy and laughter or reconnected with a friend or old hobby. I’m certain that you can also look back and see difficult, painful and challenging moments, too. In scripture, Jesus promises us that in the midst of all this, He is our peace. He says He has “conquered the world,” and also says that before his death and resurrection. We can trust that He provides us with peace and hope as we look forward to when the best things about this world are exalted and the worst things are no more.


What are some of the highlights and low points of the past year for you? How does remembering that Jesus has conquered the world give you the courage to face today’s challenges?


Lord, when we are feeling weary from the troubles of this world, remind us to cling to the peace You offer us. Grant us renewed hope and strength through remembering who You are, what You’ve done, and what You will do.


Elise Walter 

Elise has attended Scarlet City Church for over 10 years and has served in many areas, most recently as an elementary teacher in Scarlet City Kids.

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