Sunday Worship Gathering 10:30 AM

114 Morse Road Columbus, OH 43214 (Map)




The gospel of Jesus Christ brings forth a new comfort and a new call. The comfort of the gospel is the invitation to find rest, identity, fulfillment, and longing in the story of Jesus Christ. The gospel also brings an invitation to live out the good news in all or spheres of influence. Because Scarlet City Church is a gospel-centered church we strive to equip all people to play their role in God's redemptive story. This requires a humble servant minded spirit among everyone who calls Scarlet City Church.

Ministry is not reserved for the few spiritual people, but is a calling for everyone who considers themselves a Christ follower. We want to invite you to join us in bring the gospel into our city through service!

There are two foundational approaches that we ask everyone at Scarlet City Church to invest in:

Ministry Teams

Local Outreach