A people joining God’s story of transformation and renewal

Scarlet City DNA is a curriculum that details the core purpose and values of Scarlet City Church. Scarlet City Church’s core purpose is to be a people joining God’s story of transformation and renewal. Within that purpose are our core values of the [1] Gospel - Joining God’s story, [2] Transformational Community; and [3] Renewal-Based Mission.

We view church membership as a calling. Membership is not a status that entitles luxuries where the hired staff does ministry on your behalf. To the contrary, we believe ministry is a Spirit empowered work to and through all church members.

Requirements for Membership

Express personal faith in Jesus Christ for salvation
Have been baptized (either as a child or adult)
Align with Scarlet City Church’s core purpose and values
Serve on a Scarlet City Ministry Team or in a ministry context outside the church
Participate actively in a City Group or spiritual community
Have completed the Scarlet City DNA curriculum
Sign the Covenant Membership Commitment

Thank you for engaging in this process with us. On the following page you’ll find a list of contacts for specific questions. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. We value your perspective and questions. Regardless of whether you end up making Scarlet City Church your covenant church, we hope you’re able to think more deeply about God, yourself, the church, and the world.