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When we think of outreach we think of a team of people meeting a particular need in the surrounding community. This is fueled by our gospel motivation to bring justice and blessing to our city. Likewise, we hold the conviction that outreach should not predominantly be a project or individual endeavor. Rather, it should be a team of people who form partnerships in the community to meet the most pressing needs.

Due to our view of team based partnerships our fundamental avenue for outreach is our City Groups. By joining a City Group you are joining a community that has a specific mission of blessing the community. 


For more information about outreach and City Groups contact . 

Here are a few of the organizations Scarlet City Church serves:

Clintonville Resource Center

Wesley Glen Retirement Center

Columbus City Schools

Healthy Worthington Food Pantry

The Bair Foundation: Child & Familiy Ministries

Columbus Speech & Hearing Center








Scarlet City Church’s vision is to be a people joining God’s story of transformation and renewal. Everything we do is connected to God’s gospel story, which offers personal transformation and calls us to communal renewal. We strive to be a gospel light locally, but also, through strategic partnerships, to be a gospel light globally. God’s story is a global story! Therefore, God’s calling is a global calling. As a local church we plan to faithfully play our role in God’s global mission.

Our global mission strategy has three prongs that must be met for us to consider entering into a formal partnership: (1) commitment to church planting and discipleship; (2) trained, accountable, and gifted indigenous leaders; and (3) a relationship between key leaders at SCC and the organization where we can bless and be blessed through friendship.

Asia’s Hope fits perfectly in all three categories! Nehemiah, the Director of Asia’s Hope India, is a pastor, church planter, and ministry trainer. He has planted numerous churches and continues to train pastors from all over the region. They presently have almost 100 orphans in five homes where they disciple and care for those society has abandoned. Also, the strong stateside and in-country leadership of Asia’s Hope has blown us away. Their combination of vision, compassion, and skill in ministry has proven to a model for many. Lastly, over the past two years we have developed a strong relationship with Asia’s Hope leadership through numerous conversations with John McCollum the Director of Asia’s Hope, and twice visiting Asia’s Hope in India.


In this season, we believe God is leading us to give 10% of all internal giving to missions outside of our church. Five percent will go to regional church planting and 5% will go to global church planting and mercy ministry. All our global ministry giving will go directly to Asia’s Hope home number 4. For now, we will give $600 a month, and as God grows our church we anticipate this amount will increase.

The cost for supporting a home in India is around $4,000 a month. This is why a joint partnership with Vista Church makes this financially feasible for us in this season. Vista will cover the start-up costs and a higher percentage of the home. As SCC grows we anticipate covering half the cost of the home.

Over the past few months, I have had the opportunity to build a strong relationship with Mike Smith, the Lead Pastor of Vista, and other leaders in the church. We are all excited about doing this together! This presents a wonderful opportunity for our churches to do something together that neither of us would be able to do alone at this time.



Once a month we will devote portions of our liturgy to prayer and updates from our Asia’s Hope home. There will also be a blog entry that gives updates and prayer requests. We invite everyone at SCC to take time to pray personally for God’s provision and protection for our family in India.


If you give to Scarlet City Church, you are contributing to Asia’s Hope India. You are also invited to con- tribute to the ministry personally. If you would like to give on top of your tithe to SCC to Asia’s Hope you can add it on the memo of your check or online. All personal contributions will be added on top of our 5% giving.


We aim to have a trip to India at least once a year in conjunction with a team from Vista. Our next team will be traveling in November 2018. 


Help spread the word of God’s work in Asia’s Hope through social media, conversations, and other means. This is a great way to talk about how God’s church is caring for the outcast with those whose only experi- ence with the church may be marked with distrust.

If you would like to learn more about this partnership and/or if you would like to discuss playing a more hands-on role through giving and future trips please contact