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Read Isaiah 64

Isaiah was distressed on behalf of his people Israel. They were in a bad place. Look at the phrases he uses to describe them and their situation: “violated [the commandments],” “unclean,” “wither like a leaf,” “sins carry us away like the wind,” “no one invokes your name, or makes an effort to take hold of you,” “rejected us and handed us over.” Cities have become a desert, desolate ruin, burned with fire, destroyed. All this because they had turned to everything and everyone besides God as their refuge. And then the profound question: “How then can we be saved?” 

Desperation, yes — and yet entwined is hope. Isaiah was sure of God’s power and recalled how in the past God had come down with awesome deeds. He knew that God intervenes and assists; that He was their father, the potter; that His people are the product of His labor.

And so the appeal: “If only you would tear apart the sky and come down!” How bold! How profound, as well. And how prophetic, for indeed, that is exactly what God did more than 700 years later. Isaiah had it right. In spite of the desperate situation Israel brought on itself, God is a merciful God who intervenes dramatically to save.


As we begin this advent season, take a moment to marvel at God. Recall times when God has “come down” and intervened on your behalf. Praise and thank Him.

Now take a moment to be honest about your sin. Like Israel, we, too, turn to everyone and everything besides God as our refuge. Do we not fear man more than God? Do we not operate out of the “kingdom of self” rather than the kingdom of God? Do we seek pleasure, comfort, security, and significance outside of God? Take time to confess and repent.


Father, thank You that in spite of my rebellion and sin, You came down and continue to “come down.” Overwhelm me this day with your kind intent towards me that pulls me to You as my sole refuge.


Patty Hunt 

Patty started attending Scarlet City after moving to Columbus just before Covid. She is involved in a City Group.

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