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Read Matthew 2:1-12

When I dug into this passage, it became so evident to me that God was at work. Jesus’ birth was a miracle in and of itself, but the Lord entwined His providence in the time following. Jesus’ birth fulfilled prophecies, a star was able to guide the magi to Jesus and God miraculously intervened through a dream to tell the wise men not to return to Herod. God was working. Don’t miss the miracles. 

For the wise men, there wasn’t a label on the star signifying its purpose. But God provided the guidance, and the wise men were obedient to follow joyfully. Take a moment to put yourself in the shoes of the wise men. Imagine the overwhelming emotions that came from worshiping the newborn King. That day had been long awaited for, as prophecies had foretold the birth of Jesus for a long time. And on that day, they knew the fulfillment of God’s promises were true. They fell to the ground in reverence and submission and gave gifts sacrificially. Similarly, we can step into that role today by praising God for sending His Son to be our incarnate Savior. And to think that on that day, when the wise men decided to follow a star, it was all a part of God’s intentional plan of saving you and me. 


It is evident that God is at work in the wise men visiting Jesus. How is God at work within your own life? Imagine the day when we will get to meet Jesus face-to-face. What can we learn from the wise men about worship?


Lord, thank You for being our gracious Father, and for sending Jesus to be our merciful Savior. God, just like the wise men, I am filled with joy and adoration for the gift of Jesus taking on flesh. I praise You for Your goodness, guidance, and faithfulness! Amen. 


Brittany Greener

Brittany is the Scarlet City Kids Director and the Communication and Connections Director. She is a part of the Edwards’ city group.

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