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Read 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

I often feel like I am constantly in battle with myself. There is a war between the things that my flesh desires and what I think I ‘deserve’ (comfort, selfishness and glory) and the things God has put in my heart (justice, humility and love). Without God and without love I am not patient, not kind, I am envious and I brag. I am rude and self-serving, easily angered and bitter. This is the reality of the broken world that we were born into; but we are not stuck here! 

God in His gracious love for humanity sent a baby, His son, to save us from ourselves. On our own we could never have truly loved in the way God created us to love. What a gift it is that we are able to love God and love the people around us because He first showed us how to love! Jesus through his life and sacrifice shows us how to be patient, kind and humble. What it looks like to be slow to anger and seek justice. How to bear all things, believe, hope and endure all things. God sent His son, in love, to show us His love for us, to give us an example of how to love and to allow us the chance to love Him. Only through God, through His son, do we have a chance to love.


Where in your life do you see the desires of our sinful nature creeping over the love that God created you to live in? 

God has created you specifically to show His love to the world. Where has He uniquely placed you to share the love of Jesus?


Lord, we praise You! Thank You for the undeserved love that You poured out on us, that You sent Your son so that we could be loved by You and love You. God, change our hearts that we may become more like You, may our hearts break for what breaks Yours. Amen


Kati Courtney

Kati is a part of Janelle and Danny Jackson’s City Group, serves on the Hospitality Team and is Operations Coordinator for Scarlet City Church.

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