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Lessons of Love: Reflecting on My First Few Days in India

February 6, 2017 by Megan O'Brien 0 comments

Posted in: Global Partnership

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In India the culture is rich! The lessons I've learned here are too. Here are a few observations so far:

Presence is one of the most sacred gifts that can be given. Today Pastor Amber was sitting down with us for a meal in his home and he said, “The support from your church financially is such a blessing, but you have no idea what the gift of your presence means to us.” It was not only a gift to our Asia’s Hope family, but a gift I will forever treasure too.

When you give, you end up being the one to receive. This trip has been such a gift. To see the faces of these children and get to spend time with them has brought so much joy.

The hospitality and honor the Indian culture shows is beautiful and humbling. We have been welcomed so warmly with flowers, scarves, warm meals, big smiles, and lots and lots of tea!

When we step out in faith rather than let our fears rule, God provides. There were so many fears swirling around in my mind before this trip: traveling so far away for the first time, Jay not being able to go because of visa problems, the fear of a new culture being too overwhelming for me, leaving my boys and the list goes on. Each step of faith that I have taken God has provided and in most cases above what I have thought. I’ve felt such peace and joy while in India. I’m grateful fear didn’t prevent me from missing out on this amazing opportunity.

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