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Gospel & Art Intersection: Instruments of Mercy

November 6, 2013 1 comments

Posted in: Gospel & Art

Instruments of Mercy art

In response to last week's entry, Why Art Should Be Shared, I want to invite you to accept a gift that’s been shared with you...completely free. The hip hop group Beautiful Eulogy’s much anticipated sophomore album: Instruments of Mercy, came out last week on 10/29.

But first, here are a couple of things you should know:

(1) Sometimes “free” really means “not very good.” I assure you, that is not the case here. All of the music under the Humble Beast recording label (of which two of the members of Beautiful Eulogy started) is made available for free very purposefully. Here’s an excerpt from their website explaining why they chose this route to share their music:

“From the first conception of Humble Beast it was our intention to give away all our music for free. The desire to “freely give” is deeply embedded in our DNA as a company. First and foremost, God freely gave to us in Jesus Christ by dying for our sins. We also believe that all our talents and resources are gifts given to us directly from God. This inspires us to strive for excellence and generosity. It is simply a response to God’s love and grace in our lives.”


Boom! Free good music as a compulsive response to the gospel. Thank you Humble Beast Records!

humble beast

(2) As it often goes with superior art, you’ve got to spend some time with it to appreciate the depth and value. You’ll also want to do that with this album because these dudes from Portland can rhyme faster than you can think at times. But it’s not just words that you'll be inundated with, it’s deep theological truth bombs fused with exceptionally creative wordsmithing. Not to mention, there’s no clear category for Beautiful Eulogy’s style. In fact, on NoiseTrade they say Beautiful Eulogy is “for people who like Bon Iver...and Outkast.”...See. No category. Put the gospel, creativity, theology, hip hop, poetry and Portland in a blender and out comes Beautiful Eulogy.

It’s also a breath of fresh air to know that the most offensive thing you’re going to hear in this hip hop ensemble’s lyrics is the stinging reality of our sin nature, but it’s always superseded by the grace of God and hope in the gospel. Their tone is actually very pastoral. In fact the album title: Instruments of Mercy is a reminder that we’re saved because of the mercy of God, and by grace we become agents of His mercy. (Bonus points in my book for missional music!)

The album has been out for a week. In the past week I have listened to this album several times. I’ve bobbed my head to the unique beats while driving. I’ve reflected on it in a room by myself without outside distractions so I could meditate on the lyrics. I’ve danced around the house to it with my wife and kids. I’ve got it cranked up this very moment while I’m writing this blogpost. And now it’s my joy to share a beautiful and creative intersection between the gospel and art, Beautiful Eulogy: Instruments of Mercy, go get it for yourself...then share it with someone else.

Beautiful Eulogy: Instruments of Mercy


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Gabe deG on Nov 7, 2013 at 2:38pm

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