Advent & Christmas 2022

Advent & Christmas express the longing and fulfillment reflected in the Jesus Story.  

Worship Gatherings

We would like to invite you to join us for our Worship Gatherings during this Advent season. Scarlet City offers gatherings that prioritize spiritual formation through contemplative prayer, celebratory music, and a Christ-centered message. Worship Gatherings will be at 10:00 AM on Sunday mornings. The sermon series for Advent is The Incarnational Way.

November 27th – Hope
December 4th – Preparation
December 11th – Joy
December 18th – Love
Christmas Eve Service at 4:00 PM – Peace

Scarlet City Advent & Christmas Devotional 2022

This Advent & Christmas Devotional is a journey exploring the longing and fulfillment reflected in the Jesus story. During Advent, it explores themes of hope, preparation, joy, and love with a personal devotional on a particular passage. During Christmas, the devotions reflect on the love of God through the lens of a particular passage. Each devotion is written by a congregant of Scarlet City Church and expresses a personal reflection about the darkness and light encompassed in the story of God.

Advent & Christmas Devotional 2022

"Waiting" by Bryn Reagan

There is wonder in waiting, but there is also weariness to it as well. Life is rocky, confusing, there is hurt and pain. Life makes our hearts call out “How Long, Oh Lord?”
The underpainting, coarse fabric, and rocky texture represents the hard aspects of life that we experience in the waiting. The things that make us yearn and hope for the coming of the Lord.
The rope represents hope. In the waiting we have something to hold on to and to hope in. There is a steadiness in the chaos, a place to quiet your heart.
The gold and white in contrast with the dark are also pointing the viewer to hope in the waiting.
The strokes of gold represent the coming of Christ. The bolder stroke is the first coming of Christ. The second stroke is for the second coming. This stroke is not as bold and more transparent compared to the first. This is purposeful, we are still waiting for this coming.

Advent Wreath

The Advent wreath is a tradition that uses candles to highlight the five themes of Advent (Hope, Prepare, Joy, Love, and Peace). Four candles are placed in a circle with a new candle being lit each week. The first candle is placed in the center, lit on Christmas Day, and represents the illumination of the incarnation of Jesus. The Scarlet City Advent & Christmas Devotional provides a guide to be used with the lighting of the candles each Sunday. You may use your own candles and wreath, or you can purchase them from the button below.

Advent Candles

Advent & Christmas Playlist

Music is a special way to celebrate the incarnational love of God expressed in a manger. You're welcome to use the Scarlet City Advent and Christmas Playlist to continue worshipping throughout your week.

Spotify Playlist

Scarlet City Kids

Email Brittany to pick up a copy of the Family Advent Guide. The Lifeway Kids Family Advent Guide provides a weekly devotion, including kid-oriented activities and discussion questions. Each week will explore one of the Advent themes as you open the Bible as a family and read a part of the Christmas story.

Email Brittany