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Ascension of Christ

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Date: October 13, 2013

Speaker: Jay O'Brien

Series: Acts of the Church

Scripture: Acts 1:6–1:11

Tags: Acts, Ascension

I. The King

          Daniel 7:13-14

          Luke 22:66-71

     “If Easter is about Jesus as the prototype of the new creation, his ascension is about his enthronement as the one who is now in charge. Easter tells us that Jesus is himself the first part of new creation; his ascension tells us that he is now running it.” - N.T. Wright Simply Jesus

     - At the ascension Jesus takes his rightful place as king of the world.

          1 Peter 3:21b-22 


II. The King's Witnesses

     - What happens when Jesus becomes your King?

          1. You bow to him.

          2. You point others to him.

     “The world has a right to look upon us and make a judgment. We are told by Jesus that as we love one another the world will judge, not only whether we are His disciples, but whether the Father sent the Son. The final apologetic, along with the rational, logical defense and presentation, is what the world sees in the individual Christian and our corporate relationships together.” Francis Schaeffer The God Who Is There

          3. You are empowered by the King's Spirit.


III. The King's Realm

     - The King's witnesses are to take the message to all people.


IV. The King's Return

     “Christian hope is not a wishful grasping at an uncertain tomorrow but a confident expectation rooted in the reality of what transpired 2,000 years ago.” - Sam Storms

     - When the King returns he will fully unite heaven and earth.