Sunday Worship Gathering 11 AM @ North Community Lutheran Church

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Our Leadership

Scarlet City Church is led by a plurality of elders who are responsible for pastoring, teaching, leading and providing oversight of the church. Elders are qualified men according to 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9 who are called by God to serve as pastors within Scarlet City. They love Jesus and the people of this church deeply and are committed to Biblically faithful and Christ honoring leadership.



Jay O'Brien (staff) - Lead Pastor & ElderSCC Headshot - Jay O'Brien

Pastor Jay serves as the visionary leader and primary teacher at Scarlet City Church. Jay is a graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University and Dallas Theological Seminary. Before planting Scarlet City Church he went through the Fellowship Associates church plant residency in Little Rock, AR. He lives in Clintonville with his wife Megan and their sons Bennett and Jack.

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SCC Headshot - Thom VenemaThom Venema - Elder

Along with Pastor Jay, he provides pastoral care and oversight for the ministries and people of SCC. Thom is a graduate of Calvin College and Westminster Theological Seminary, California campus. He has served as a church planter and pastor in California and Ohio. He is presently working in retail sales and is semi-retired. He and his wife Cathy live in Westerville. They have two adult children, Jana and Melissa.



SCC Headshot - Mike JudayMike Juday
(staff) - Music & Groups Pastor & Elder

Pastor Mike leads the congregational music and liturgy for our Worship Gatherings. He studied music at George Mason University and, in 2010, moved to Columbus to be a part of planting Scarlet City Church where he received his pastoral training. He lives in Northland with his wife, Emma, and two children, Ebenezer and Posy. 

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Ministry Leaders 

SCC Headshot - Janelle Jackson


Janelle Jackson (staff) - Administration & Connections Deacon

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SCC Headshot - David El-Khouri
David El-Khouri - City Groups & Pastoral Resident




SCC Headshot - Danny Jackson 
Danny Jackson - Creative Arts Deacon

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SCC Headshot - Holly Wood


Holly Wood - Hospitality Director

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SCC Headshot - Keithe Robinette


Keith Robinette - Leadership Development Deacon

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SCC Headshot - Jenny Hunt
Jenny Hunt - Mercy Ministry Deacon

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SCC Headshot - Megan O'Brien
Megan O'Brien - Scarlet City Kids Director

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SCC Headshot - Amanda Robinette
Amanda Robinette - Scarlet City Kids Deacon

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