Sunday Worship Gathering 11 AM @ North Community Lutheran Church

114 Morse Road Columbus, OH 43214 (Map)



City Groups

City Groups are a tangible expression of a gospel community on mission. City Groups are not simply a Bible study or a fellowship group. Both of those will happen in City Groups but the mission of City Groups is much deeper. Though each City Group is unique in personality and geography each attempts to live into these four identities: family, servants, learners, and missionaries. More information about City Groups can be found using the map below or by contacting




God saves us into a personal relationship with himself, but he also saves us into a family under his headship. City Groups strive to grow together as a gospel family.


City Groups are encouraged to come together to serve one another and the church body in times of celebration and suffering, as well as when practical needs arise.


City Groups take time to learn God’s story, each other’s stories, and the story of the neighborhoods they gather in with hopes to connect their story to God, to each other and to the community.


Outreach and evangelism are vital callings for Christ-followers. City Groups engage in regular outreach to be a blessing to their neighbors with hopes of getting to display and declare the gospel, and inviting others to trust Christ.